Voting and eVoting Issues

electronic voting issues

Black Box Voting discussion blog and full length book available in PDF format.

Not ready to read the whole book? Try some suggested starting points at Black Box Voting website, check out Whistleblower Lawsuit: Insider Sues Voting Machine Company [2/25/2003] — Dan Spillane, a voting machine test engineer, has filed a lawsuit against his former employer, DRE touch-screen voting machine manufacturer VoteHere. or Top 10 Ways to Rig a Voting Machine

The Landes Report check the news menu along the left-hand column for articles of interest
Also: Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere and Diebold ... Scam to Vet Software? by Lynn Landers [EcoTalk] 18 Aug 2003 (can also be found in the left-hand column linked above.

Ballot Access News

Internet Voting: The End of Democracy by Lynn Landes [The Dissident Voice] 28 Aug 2003

Suspicion Surrounds Voters News Service by Lynn Landes [The Dissident Voice] 20 Jan 2003

If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines by Thom Hartmann [] 31 Jan 2003

Electronic Voting
Notable Software's information - security experts - need to rate

Computer Science Ethics and Social Responsibility Class at Stanford — voting handouts in PDF (other issues) - need to review

The Real Scandal is the Voting Machines Themselves, December 14, 2000, Jonathan Vankin, e-print from the New York Press

Electoral Dysfunction, the American Prospect

Equal Justice Foundation - check out.

Democratic Underground's: Electronic Voting Forum

Ronnie Dugger's 1988 article from the NY Times ANNALS OF DEMOCRACY COUNTING VOTES. The text link no longer works and this site looks either neglected or abandoned. You need to scroll down a bit to get to the article. I'm looking for another copy online (or will write Dugger) in case this disappears.

Link Crusaders Anti-Bush links many links on voting issues here — minimal commentary.

From an Addison Weseley text on voting fraud (This is from the Neuman site that has the Annuals of Democracy above—link together?)

People for Internet Responsibility — includes a fact squad. Appears founded by the Neumans, see above). — check

Declared Strategy Voting - bibliographical references, link to DSV source code [academic] : Lorrie Cranor   •  her eVoting page and • hotlist good source—check "sidedness"

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This is a page I've been working on for myself in order to educate myself about black box voting issues. Having read Greg Palast's chapter on the Florida 2000 election machinations in his The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and realizing the high potential for fraud (not to mention just simple failure of these systems), I am hoping to give this information a home and share it with others who may also be in the process of keeping themselves informed.

Time to check things out.

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