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  • Project Gutenberg the internets oldest producer of free e-texts

  • MIT: Open Course Ware: free and open to all

  • The Virtual Community and newer virtual sightings by Howard Rheingold

  • The Utne Lens More than an online version of The Utne Reader, The Utne Café offers an exciting experience of virtual community and discussion. [8/30/96: Got my non-virtual Sept/Oct copy -- couldn't wait. Two of this page's most featured men make the front cover banner. The issue's focus is Quitting: the fine art of breaking free. Nader is the landslide winner of Utne's reader poll and Leary gets memorialized as the King of Quit on their BACK PAGE. The front cover only says October although the table of contents decided to include September. Hmmm.]

  • A Guide to Making Documents Accessible to People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired — good accessibility reference

  • The On-line Books Page A virtual bibliophiliac's dream-come-true! Includes links to this couple's Celebration of Women Writers page cross-listed on the Feminist Threads Page.

  • The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers

  • The Tech Classics Archive searchable archive of classical Greek and Roman texts [the last time I checked, there were some broken links (especially graphics), but texts were still accessible and included a small number of texts from non-Western classics by Chinese and Persian writers]

  • The Elements of Style

  • TeleRead Home Page "TeleRead is a nonpartisan plan to get electronic books into American homes--by way of a national digital library and small, sharp-screened computers--in an era of declining literacy."

  • FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
    "...national media watch group offering well-documented criticism in an effort to correct media bias and imbalance. FAIR focusses public awareness on the narrow corporate ownership of the press, the media's allegiance to official agendas and their insensitivity to women, labor, minorities, and other public interest constituencies. FAIR seeks to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater media pluralism and the inclusion of public interest voices in national debates."


  • Nolo Home Page "Founded in 1971, Nolo publishes easy-to-use books and software on consumer law subjects such as wills, small claims court, divorce and debt problems. Nolo also provides excellent legal information to small business, including help with incorporation, partnerships, employment law, patents and trademarks.-- Nolo Press is dedicated to the simple proposition that the American legal system should be affordable and accessible to all."

  • The National Association for Public Interest Law NAPIL is the country's largest organization training and developing lawyers to provide legal assistance for low-income and other underserved people and communities. Especially if you are a law student or lawyer wondering what you can do to help, check it out.

  • For research and educational projects geared to the needs of citizen-consumers in the United States check out The Center for Study of Responsive Law, a nonprofit Ralph Nader organization.

  • Thomas Great government source for legal/gov info: "receives text of legislation files several times daily and the text of the Congressional Record once daily when Congress is in session; files are processed and made available immediately upon receipt from the Government Printing Office. "

  • The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law

  • ConflictNet Home Page ConflictNet is a network of people dedicated to promoting the constructive resolution of conflict. ConflictNet enhances the work of conflict resolution groups and individuals, and links you to the worldwide conflict resolution community. ConflictNet offers current information on conflict resolution, including facilitated topical discussions on critical issues in the field, current legislation, and conference and training activity.

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  • Impact Online Volunteer Links
    Many of the organizations listed nearer the top of this page could use help of all sorts--not just the monetary variety. For some, help with starting up a site --or helping with maintenance-- may be just what's needed. This site lists many other options. If you don't see something local to your area -- check the national, international or virtual listings. Tell 'em the bookbeast sent you!

  • Good Works: A Guide to Social Change Careers
    More things to do while you're "here" from those folks who give you the Essential Organization ftp site. Jobs that make a difference!. There is no longer a job board, but there is still good information on creating alternative job fairs. You should also be able to order the print edition "Good Works: Guide" book or find copies in a public or school library.

  • — action without borders — good jobs for good anywhere in the world


    I am moving this section to a new "sub-page." I wanted to add music and meditation options, but didn't want to squeeze it in on this page already "busy" with search tools.

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Web.DeWeb.De is a German search engine auf deutsch. The searches appear to be by index not full text. Searches are not case sensitive. Try "frauen" instead of "feminismus" for now.

  • The Alternative German Dictionary Yes, if you check this site out there are plenty of other languages with some "alternative" listings too. Searching on one of the more popular search engines-- this came up at the top of the search. I was searching on Swiss cheese and explode, please don't ask.

  • InterLinks All-in-One Resource Page
    "This document contains a Collection of Links on some of the most useful Search Engines, Tools, Catalogs and Indexes that I've gathered from the Net. What makes this document really unique is that each engine/tool is followed by a short Description, Search Fields the fields that will be searched) and Search Options (some helpful information to consider when formulating your queries)..." [Something of a who's who or what's what of Internet search tools.]

  • In addition to "real-time" stock market quotes that you need to pay for/subscribe to, offers the free time-delayed stock look-up. Check their site for other business services both cost and free:

    Enter one or more Ticker Symbols,
    then press Enter

    Search for Symbol | Additional Services

    (Security prices are at least 15 min. delayed)

    • Yahoo Browse or search Boolean style. Maybe the top WWW stop.

    WWWomen, offers a database with search engines that focus on women's issues and concerns.

    You can search for specific topics on WWWomen using the form below or stop by the site itself to browse either a special interest or let serendipity and synchroncity take you where they will.

    Search for:

    • CRAYON "Interested in getting the weather for your area each day as part of a package of news and information? Visit CRAYON, and make your own custom WWW newspaper!"~~~This is fun, even if the selection is somewhat limited. Be certain to read the instructions first, especially if you are using Netscape. I have a sample paper created—just to give you the idea: The Bookbeast Bulletin.

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