Welcome to Satirically Direct No. 1

Yesterday, our good friend Dave Kraft finished this little gem and since no good deed should pass unpublished unpunished—we've put it here for all to see and hum.

    (sung to the tune of John Denver's "Thank God, I'm a Country Boy")
    (original lyrics by George E. Tirebiter, Lenny Bruce and Rauol Wyzbynski)
    (satirilyrics by Dave Kraft)

Well, life is kinda hard, 'cause we got a famous dad
who raised us both in Texas where the air is always bad.
He was the President, so I guess we should be glad.
Thank God, we're George Bush's Boys!

He fought in the World War, they said he was a hero,
couldn't figure out why, he got shot down by a Zero.
When he became the Pres, ran the country like Nero.
Thank God, we're George Bush's Boys!

[Chorus 1.]:
Well, I got me the Gov's chair, so like Nero I'll fiddle.
When the sun comes up, we fry cons on the griddle.
Their lives don't mean nothin', I don't give a friggin' piddle!
'Cause I am George Bush's Boy!

Well, we were brought up wealthy in the spirit of the South;
had silver spoons a plenty, from our asses to out mouth.
Our overwhelming ignorance is bound to knock you out!
Thank God, we're George Bush's Boys.

Now, George Jr. went with daddy meeting all the oil men,
Jebbie stayed at home with Ma learning how to count to ten.
Both learned to play hardball, becoming Machiavellian.
Thank God, we're George Bush's Boys.

[Chorus 1 again]

When Daddy headed CIA we learned his lessons well,
making illegal secret deals to send your foes to hell
to keep Ronnie Raygun President, it seemed so very swell!  
Thank God, we're George Bush's Boys.

Now in my job as governor I do the best I can
to underpay the teachers, and pollute the Rio Grande
and to make it seem so normal that a handgun is your friend.
Yep!  I'm, George Bush's Boy!

[Chorus 2.]
We're 1 and 2 in "executes" and "incarcerations;"
34th in teacher salaries, 45th in graduations;
Environmental quality's the worstest in the Nation!
'Cause I AM George Bush's Boy!
 In Florida the water's bad, you'd almost die of thirst!
But thank God for Texas, or it would be the worst!
In Texas don't breathe deeply, or your lungs will likely burst!
Thank God, we're George Bush's Boys.

They say we're not "environmental," that requires revision.
We execute the convicts with atomic clock precision.
We switched from "chair" to "poison" 'cause it's energy efficient.
You know we're George Bush's Boys!	

[Chorus 2....]

We're 6th in the Nation for folks without much wealth,
47 in per-capita in funding public health.
Give tax breaks to big-business in the open, not with stealth.  
'Cause I'm George Bush's Boy.

When George and Jeb are President it's oligopoly.
If your surname elects you we can end democracy!
Why bother with elections, let's bring back the monarchy!
Thank God for George Bush's Boys!!

[Chorus 2, again.....]
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