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Tutorials, Rants and Resources

Linux/Unix/Shell Programming Resources

Linux on Laptops

Linux Cookbook The book is available online as well as in printed book format. The author has created a very special license (copyright variant) for this text modelled on the open source style copyleft: what he is styling a design science license.

Heiner's SHELLdorado Tutorials, tips and tricks—a real hat trick.

Unix and Linux Shell overview and history

vi lovers home page because vi is my friend.

Addicted to vi might as well face it!

PERL Resources

PERL Swiss Army Chainsaw

PERL Hypertext Man pages.

Perl Monks the Monastery's Guide to Perl Enlightenment.

Adam Rifkin's PERL Pearls Page (lovely little links).

XML Resources and other Markup Languages

OASIS: SGML/XML Web Page links and standards and news, oh my.

Mathematical Markup Language here are the W3C specifications.

HTML/CGI Resources

HTML Goodies Lots of Basics, Tutorials and Beyond. Yum!.

Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing from absolute beginner ideas to very advanced things.

Prelude to CGI Programming Check out other web and programming intros before. First time I ever recall seeing the word para-programmer....

An Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms from the University of Kansas.

Lists, Tools, General Resources

File Extension List is a portal linking to Matlab, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, Excel and many other scripting tools geared to scientific and engineering needs.

Java/JavaScript/VBScript Resources

Java: Programming for the Internet (Sun's site)

Virus and Security Readings

updates to come

Ada Resources (for later study)

Ada Home: The Web Site for Ada and a good starting point.

C/C++ Resources

Imagination Network's interesting coll ection of quickie classes On C (there a C/C++ advanced class too), Java, Web mastering (plus see the connection to the instructors website for more "cool" th ings. May be good for a quick study of some of this stuff, even though it's not what you'd call complete or thorough.

Intranet Resources

The Intranet Journal.

remote cursor sitemap page i'm messing with

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